Sick Bearded Dragon

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Q:I have a 5 month old bearded dragon - she had a tremendous appetite but last week she suddenly stopped eating. We tried changing her food and even force feeding her but she has no interest in eating at all. How can I get her to eat?

A:The most common cause of lack of appetite in a young bearded dragon is metabolic bone disease caused by lack of calcium in the diet. If your beardie is only just off her food try soaking her in a shallow tray of warm water for five minutes twice daily and make sure you dust her crickets with calcium ( the best one is Vetark Nutrobal - ring 01 272 3857 to order). If she has stopped eating for more than 3 days she will need to be hospitalised for twice daily stomach tubing and fluid therapy. Don't waste time ringing around for advice - get her treated fast before it's too late.