Is it time for your bird’s annual health check?

'Is it time for your bird’s annual health check?' image At this practice we specialise in birds, with over 800 avian patients and growing! We recommend that all birds get an annual health check. » read more


Is your bird eating too much seed?

'Is your bird eating too much seed?' image Is your parrot a seed junkie? If you feed seeds and nuts to you pet parrot it is like feeding your children junk food. Poor diet is the cause of 90% of avian health problems so it is important you feed your parrot a healthy diet! » read more


Birds behaving Badly

'Birds behaving Badly' image Never let your parrot perch on your head or shoulders! All parrots aspire to be top bird and this can become a problem around the time of sexual maturity (approximately 4-6years in African greys and Amazons). » read more


Avian Food and Health care products

'Avian Food and Health care products' image We stock the full range of Avian supplements and Harrison's organic bird food. You can also pay over the phone by credit or debit card and we can post it anywhere in Ireland. » read more


Avian Health care

'Avian Health care' image Avian Diseases Birds are able to hide symptoms of disease until problems are very advanced. » read more