Is your bird eating too much seed?

'Is your bird eating too much seed?' image

Many owners assume that all parrots are seed eaters. This is because budgies were one of the first members of the parrot family to be domesticated. These birds are from arid grasslands in Australia and do eat quite a bit of seed in the wild.

The majority of parrots however come from the tropics and eat a more varied and moist diet. Lories for example live on flower nectar while macaws eat fibrous palm nuts.

It is very important that you don't feed your parrot a diet exclusively of seeds and nuts as these are very fattening and low in 32 essential nutrients. In fact malnutrition from eating a seed and nut diet is the most common cause of health problems and early death in birds! African grey parrots are commonly addicted to seeds and suffer from many health problems like osteoporosis, seizure and feather plucking as a consequence.

At this practice we recommend "Harrison's" organic bird food. This is a pelleted diet that provides a balanced diet free from preservatives and artificial colours. These pellets should be fed with a variety of fruit and vegetables . Red, orange or dark green foods like peppers, apricots, peaches, broccoli, mange tout are good as they are high in vitamin A that gives your bird a lovely sheen to their feathers. Birds not eating a balanced diet must have an avian vitamin/mineral supplement like Avix Bird Builder or Vetark Arvits added to their diet three times weekly.