Avian Food and Health care products

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Avian food and Health Care Products

Harrison's Organic bird food

We are the main stockist of Harrison's organic bird food in southern Ireland. This diet, recommended by avian vets, is a pelleted food that provides the best nutrition for good health and sleek plumage. We stock the full avian range from budgies and small parakeets to African greys, Amazons and Macaws.

VetArk Nutriceuticals

This supplement range is used to avoid malnutrition in birds on a seed based diet. The range contains probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements like Avipro , Acehigh, Zocal D and Nutrobal.

F10 Disinfectant and ointment

This is a disinfectant that is extremely effective against bacteria, viruses and aspergillus fungal spores. It is ideal for cages or aviaries, it is very safe for all birds, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable. It is also available as an F10 antiseptic ointment that is great for wounds or sore feet ( bumble foot)

AVIx / Healx avian care products

This range includes Bird Rain a daily grooming spray and Soother spray for skin irritation in feather plucking birds. There is also Bird builder, a mineral /iodine supplement and Sunshine Factor a dietary supplement for sheen and colour in the feathers.


 All of the above products can be purchased at reception. Alternatively you can pay over the phone by credit or debit card and we can post it anywhere in Ireland. 

Ph: 01 272 3857