'Hot weather and your pets' image

During hot weather it is important to remember that your pets can suffer the effects of heat just like people. However, unlike people, they can't get themselves a cold drink, take off their coat or move into the shade. So here are some important points to remember during the warmer months:

  • NEVER leave any animal unattended in a car during warm weather - this can be fatal to your pet! Your car can literally turn into an oven in half an hour on a hot day.
  • If you plan on taking your pet on car journey always provide fresh water and leave a window open. When you stop allow dogs to stretch their legs. go to the toilet and provide access to water.
  • Avoid taking dogs for long walks during the warmest part of the day - early morning or evening is best. If going on long walks always bring plenty of water for your dog. Elderly animals or animals with heart or serious medical conditions should not be exerted during warm weather and should be monitored carefully.
  • Provide plenty of fresh cold water for all pets. Check rabbit and rodent bottles daily whether inside or out and make sure they are working correctly. Don't forget reptile and bird water bowls too.
  • Rabbit hutches and cages should be kept spotless and free of soiled bedding. In hot weather flies will lay eggs on soiled areas that can hatch into maggots which can literally eat your pet alive. It is essential you check your rabbit and guinea pig daily for any signs of diarrhoea. and seek veterinary attention immediately if there is. Rabbit and guinea pig hutches and enclosures should always be located partially in the shade to allow the animals to escape intense heat.