Hibernating your tortoise

'Hibernating your tortoise' image Hibernating your tortoise   Please note: This handout is only for Mediterranean species of tortoises that hibernate in the wild. » read more


Care of Terrapins / Freshwater Turtles

'Care of Terrapins / Freshwater Turtles' image Terrapins can live 15-25 years and can grow up to 12-13 inches in length. » read more


Care of Tortoises ( Testudo species)

'Care of Tortoises ( Testudo species)' image Spur-thigh tortoise (Testudo graeca), Hermanns tortoise (Testudo hermanni), Horsfield tortoise (Testudo horsfieldi).    » read more


Care of Bearded Dragons

'Care of Bearded Dragons' image Bearded dragons come from central Australia and the most common species is the inland bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps). » read more


Tortoise Overwintering

'Tortoise Overwintering' image In Ireland tortoises go into hibernation when the days get shorter and the temperature drops. This usually happens from mid-October to mid-March. » read more