Your pet needs a good diet and quality healthcare products for best health. At this hospital we stock a variety of foods, nutraceuticals and supplements to suit all pets.

Below is a list of the items for sale in our hospital. You can purchase them on the premises or phone 01 272 3857 and talk to one of our veterinary nurses who can advise you on the best product suited to your pet's needs.

All products can be paid for over the phone by credit or debit card and we can courier it out to you.

Royal Canin

'Royal Canin' image Our chosen pet food for cats and dogs at this hospital is Royal Canin. Why? we have found over the past 5 years that it is the most palatable for our canine and feline patients and also meet the nutritional requirements for all lifestyle stages. We like the fact that when formulating their diets Royal Canin also takes into account a variety of factors from age, activity and breed to the size and lifestyle of each pet. » read more


Oxbow products for Rabbits and rodents

'Oxbow products for Rabbits and rodents' image Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus are herbivores and need fibre daily in their diet to prevent dental and digestive problems. At this practice we provide this in two ways - via pellet foods ( 'muesli' type foods do not provide sufficient fibre) and from a selection of high quality hay products. » read more


Harrisons Bird Food

'Harrisons Bird Food' image We are the main stockists of Harrisons bird food in Ireland and stock the full range of Harrisons Organic bird foods which we can mail to anywhere around the country. Phone 01-2723857 to either request a brochure or make an order. » read more