Harrisons Bird Food

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We are the main stockists of Harrisons bird food in Ireland and stock the full range of Harrisons Organic bird foods which we can mail to anywhere around the country. Phone 01-2723857 to either request a brochure or make an order.

What is Harrisons organic bird food?

Harrison's bird pellets are made from high quality organic grains and legumes. The pellets do not contain any preservatives, artifical colours and are free from the mould and yeast contamination commonly found in seed based foods. The full range of Harrisons has pellets designed for all sizes of parrots from budgies to cockatiels, African greys, Cockatoos and macaws. All these diets are fully balanced so birds eating the pellets need no further vitamin or mineral supplementation.

Harrison's Bird Bread mix

Bird are conservative feeders and are always cautious about tasting new foods. Harrisons Bird Bread mix is ideal for getting birds to enjoy the taste of Harrisons pellets. You can make bread or muffins at home and your bird will love this extremely healthy treat. The bread mix comes in three flavours - Original, Hot pepper and Millet & Flax. Once they ge tthe taste for the bread you will have no problem getting them to eat the pellets!