Royal Canin

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Our chosen pet food for cats and dogs at this hospital is Royal Canin. Why? Over the past 5 years we have found that it is not only the most palatable for our canine and feline patients but also meet the nutritional requirements for all lifestyle stages.

We like the fact that when formulating their diets Royal Canin also takes into account a variety of factors from age, activity and breed to the size and lifestyle of each pet.


If you think about it there is a big difference in the nutritional requirments between a large labrador weighing 35kg and a yorkshire terrier weighing 4.5kg. We now stock Royal canin for a variety of breeds from cavalier king charles, shih tzus, labradors and german shepherds.


Royal canin also takes into account not just the age of the cat but they also have special diets geared directly for neutered cats. Neutered male cats for example have a higher tendency to getting fat and developing bladder stones which can cause a fatal blocked bladder. With the Royal Canin Neutered male diet these risk factors are considerably decreased.