At this practice we specialise in exotic pets and treat a wide variety of patients with fur, feather, scales and even prickles! Our daily case loads includes parrots, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, chinchillas, degus to hedgehogs and pot bellied pigs.

Bairbre and Tegu

Liz and Rocco the Blue and Gold Macaw

Gerry the Gerbil enjoys a sandbath!

Plato the tortoise with a feeding tube. She only weighed 38g!

Lindsey giving Honey the rabbit a preanaesthetic check.

Joey, the budgie with severe 'scaly beak'. This is caused by a burrowing mite and weekly treatment for 2-3 weeks is needed to treat it. As it is also highly contagious we also advise treating all budgies in the same cage.


Delereum the rat, snacking on a wafer. Rats make great pets as they are very intelligent and friendly and form a great bond with their owners.

Some of our patients are smaller than a cotton bud!

Gordon the gecko enjoys a bath to help him shed his dead skin